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Easy, Risk-Free Ways to Right-Size Your VMware Environment

thumbnailAccording to leading analysts, 80 percent of today’s virtual data centers are as much as 80 percent over-provisioned - an issue that is wasting tens of thousands of dollars annually. IT managers face a variety of challenges related to correctly provisioning a virtual infrastructure. They need to stay within budget while avoiding network over-provisioning may at first seem like it resolved the performance issue, but it can serve to mask the real problem. Over time, the original performance issue may surface again and this is compounded by its waste of IT budget dollars.

Join ActualTech Media Founder, David Davis and SIOS Technology Product Manager, Jim Shocrylas, for a look at the reasons over-provisioning is so commonplace. Learn about new machine learning-based technologies that make right-sizing easy - without risking performance or availability, as well as:

  • Why over-provisioning is so common
  • Why most IT departments throw hardware at performance issues than identify actual requirements or solve root causes of problems
  • App vendors push Rules-of-Thumb for provisioning that make their app fast - but at what expense?
  • Why a lack of a holistic view of environment cause issues to be moved, rather than solved - and how to address this

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Easy, Risk-Free Ways to Right-Size Your VMware Environment

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